What is the STO Fleet System?

"What is the STO Fleet System?"

The STO Fleet System is my aim at creating a framework for fleets to create a website.

Most fleet admins do not know what <h1> does and you cant blame them.  While <h1> is one of the most simple HTML tags very few people know what it does.

This is <h1>.

Some fleets may want a place to talk and organize events outside of the game, and that is what I want to make easier for most fleet admins.


"Why on (Insert planet name here) should I use the STO Fleet System?"

Simple answer: You shouldn't... Yet.

Long answer: The STO Fleet System will make it very easy to create dynamic content(e.g. Web pages) for your fleet.

You will also be able to use a built-in forum system(MyBB) to manage things like events, announcements, membership, etc.

I am also thinking about things like Twitter integration for tweeting things like events.

"When will the STO Fleet System be released?"

When its done.

"I want to help make the STO Fleet System"

Good!  At the moment there is no way you can help program the STO Fleet System however, soon there will be a working demo that you can play around with.

But for now submit feature requests!